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Tutoring Description :


Capturing essentials in landscape painting


Students will learn how to choose the subject, build their own compositions, to simplify and capture the essentials of the subject, to create mood and atmosphere. They will learn the importance of drawing in watercolor painting, applying details. Every day Eugen will make demonstrations, giving possibility for the students to see progressing of the painting,   to see and to learn watercolor techniques, which can be applied in their own paintings. Students will have possibility to try both: studio painting and plen air painting, beginning with simple subjects, and finishing with more complex landscape subjects. They will have all artistic ways to create a painting: from doing small sketches, tonal studies to finished watercolor paintings.




Here is the list of materials that Eugen recommends


-Watercolor paints (professional quality)


-Watercolor brushes (big squirrel round brushes, medium and small sable round brushes)


-Watercolor paper (Arches /300g , rough or cold-pressed  


-Easel suitable for plein-air painting





Please note that Bandouille will provide practice paper and also easels. Other materials may also be available if required.













Recommended experience:    Some watercolour experience necessary

July 30th - August 5th            2017



Price includes:-


Expert tutoring

Full board ensuite accommodation

Some materials

Full use of studio

Trips out to plein air locations

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About Eugen


Eugen was born in 1984 in a small town in the north of the Republic of Moldova.

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His early interest in art was influenced by his father who was engaged in painting and photography.  At the age of 11, Eugen entered the Children’s School of Fine Arts.  During that time, he successfully participated in numerous national and international art competitions.  In 2000 he moved to Chisinau to enter the Institute of Arts where he studied interior design and architecture.  In 2007 he began to study creativity of watercolor painters and developed a more serious relationship to watercolor painting.

In 2010 Eugen was invited as a guest of honor to the 4th Salon de l'Aquarelle du Haillan in France . In 2012 he graduated from the Academy of Arts in Chisinau, majoring in painting. Eugen currently spends time painting and teaching all over Europe.

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