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Terms and Conditions

Below is a copy of our Terms and Conditions which we would ask you to read. Please print out a copy.




“The Company”          

“The Venue”              

“The Organisers”        

“The Week”                

“Standard Holiday”    


“Guest Tutor”            

“Art Holiday Guests”  


“Tutoring Description”  



“The Job”                    



These “Terms and Conditions” apply to our “Standard Holiday”, and to our “Guest Tutor Holiday”.


On confirmation of your booking, we will ask for a deposit of £250 per person.


The balance of the cost of your holiday is payable eight weeks before your arrival.





Should for any reason “The Organisers” need to cancel your booking, they will endeavor to book you into another week.  Should this not be possible, not financially viable due to travel costs or simply not acceptable to you, we would ask you to accept our apology and we will refund all monies that you have paid directly to us. We will reimburse the cost of your booked travel, to a maximum value of £150.


If for any reason you cancel your booking, the following will apply.


    • If your booking is cancelled before the balance of your holiday is due, you will only forfeit your deposit.


    • If your booking is cancelled after you have paid the balance of your holiday, we will refund:


    • 50% of your full payment if you cancel upto 5 weeks before your booked date


    • 25% of your full payment if you cancel between 5 and 3 weeks before your booked date


    • 10% of your full payment if you cancel during the last 3 weeks before your booked date


    • No refund will be offered if you fail to take your holiday, for any reason, or you arrive late.


Notification of Cancellation must firstly be discussed with us on the telephone, and then confirmed in writing.


If we have not received the balance of the cost of your holiday eight weeks before your booked date, we will make every effort to contact you and discuss any problems, but we reserve the right to cancel your booking, and retain your deposit.


We strongly advise you to take out your own holiday cancellation insurance cover.


Guest Tutor Holidays


“Guest Tutors” are contracted to do “The Job” by “The Organisers”. “Art Holiday Guests” by signing this document, confirm they have read and are happy with the “Tutoring Description”, which can be printed out from the specific “Guest Tutor” page on the website.


If a “Guest Tutor” needs to cancel “The Week”, possibly due to illness, accident or unforeseen circumstances, then “The Organisers” may unfortunately need to invoke the first paragraph of the “Cancellation” clause. In the first instance, guests will be offered the “Standard Holiday”, as an alternative, at the current advertised price of the “Standard Holiday”, and accordingly offered the difference in financial value.


All “Guest Tutors” are fully aware of their obligation to do “The Job”, and we are confident that these obligations will be met.




The arrangement, and booking, of your travel, to and from “The Venue”, is the responsibility of the guest. We will be very happy to assist where possible. All costs of travel will be for the guest to pay. We offer a collection and return service to a specific airport, but it is imperative that exact dates and times are arranged, and agreed with us, prior to your flight being booked. The collection, and return to the airport, will be in our own personal vehicles.





We are looking to run a truly fun holiday location, but we must also be professional and address the aspects of Insurance and Liability. Bandouille is a very old building. It wasn’t built, or renovated, to every modern standard, and we cannot therefore ensure your total safety with regard to any accidents.  There are the occasional loose stones, jagged corners, sharp edges, low beams and doorways, loose floorboards and other things to trip over, etc etc. There are terraces on top of the building which enjoy wonderful views, but they are approached by unguarded steps, and have low walls. We want our guests to enjoy their holiday with us by having free roaming access to the grounds and the buildings, especially to the terraces, but there must agreements, and we have noted those below.





Guests are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance. Guests are advised to consider insurance for “Travel”, “Medical”, “Accident”, “Property”, “Cancellation” and any other areas they may see fit.  The guest, by signing this document, confirms that they have arranged, or are arranging, what they consider adequate insurance, and fully understand the “Liability” clause below.


We do not want to have to lock everything up or lock things away, and we have the utmost faith and trust in our guests. It is the responsibility of each guest to insure, and ensure, their own personal belongings are safe, at all times – money, valuables, clothing, artist materials, luggage etc.





The owner of “Bandouille”, “The Company”, “The Organisers”, or any person or company related directly, or indirectly, with the booked holiday, will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by any guest, at any time during the booked holiday, whether on the Bandouille estate or in the surrounding area. All guests, by signing this document, state that they are staying at the “The Venue”, and enjoying their booked week in France, at their own risk, and that they have read and fully understand the Liability and Insurance clauses.





The information on our website, e-mails from us and our printed material, is believed by us to be correct at the time of writing, printing, or publication. However, errors can occur, and information may change and take effect without any given notice.





Print Terms Holiday Overview Back

-  “Holidays in France Limited”

-   Bandouille, Chiche, 79350, France

-   Drew (Andrew Owen) & Bixxy Nash. The word “we” in this document implies “The Organisers”

-   A specified week, commencing on a Sunday and concluding on the following Saturday.

-  “The Week” at “The Venue”, as described on “The Company” website, and where one of “The

     Organisers” will be the main tutor for the week.

-   The tutor who “The Company” has agreed to tutor art at “The Venue”, for “The Week”.

-   Guests who have paid in advance to attend “The Week” at “The Venue”. The single word

    “Guest” in this document implies “Art Holiday Guests”.

-    A paragraph, or paragraphs, written by the “Guest Tutor”,  briefly describing how / what

    they will be tutoring the “Art Holiday Guests”. “Tutoring Descriptions” are specific for each

   “Guest Tutor”, are on the website, and can be printed out.

-    The “Guest Tutor” is employed to tutor the “Art Holiday Guests”, in a manner agreed in

      advance with “The Organisers” and described in the “Tutoring Description”.